The Possibilities of the New Year

January 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love the new year. It provides us with so many possibilities. It’s the same feeling I had as a child on the first day of school. The new notebooks in my backpack represented a “Mulligan” or a do-over – even better – a clean slate. No matter what I messed up on the year before or whatever I did not complete, somehow didn’t matter anymore. The sky was the limit and all I had to do was plan it and do it. January holds that same feeling for me. The fact that field “1 A” (I know – it needs a new name) is still swallowed up by the jungle despite good intentions in November to “set it free” doesn’t matter. This year, I’m on target to unearth it some time in March. In fact, rather than have one New Year resolution, I’ve made twelve – one for each month. I’ve taken all those almost-but-not-yet-completed projects and delegated one for each month this year. In fact, I still have two slots left open just in case something exciting comes along and I can fit it right into September and October. This month’s mission is a farm sign at the start of our driveway. It is well on its way. Found a discarded post and wood under the house; you know me. I drew out the design and my mom is painting the most beautiful coffee branch. Next week, Tim digs the hole – no small feat in Hawaii’s lava – and with a bit of sticktoitiveness and team effort – project one for 2011 will be complete. Hopefully, that feeling of satisfaction will fuel February’s task of setting up my Etsy store for my `ili oil. For now, I’ve got that boost of new year’s energy and I’m ready to take it on. We’ll see how it goes come July. But if all twelve projects don’t come to fruition, that’s ok.  I know some of them will.  And besides another new year with all its possibilities is right around the corner.

May 2011 hold all that you can imagine for you and your family.

A hui hou,


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