Making sense of scents

November 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I started my own skin care line – Luana Naturals.  It’s a bit scary taking on a business venture when you have little knowledge of business ventures.  However, a leap of faith can prove to be life changing and I’m optimistic about the future.  I enjoy making beautiful scrubs and moisturizers from natural ingredients from my farm and the island.  I enjoy growing the herbs, developing my own scents, and talking with people at local farm markets and via the web.  One topic that comes up often is the question of artificial fragrances in beauty products.  Are they a threat to your body and the environment?  I think it’s important that one be smart about the chemicals that permeate one’s life.  The “clean” smell of deodorizers or body wash might seduce us into thinking our homes and bodies are really clean.  But what is in that “clean” scent?  An estimated 3,000+ chemicals are used in artificial fragrances.  At times it seems like a “toxic soup.”  My suggestion is to read labels and look for alternatives.  You can select products that are fragrance-free.  However, even if something claims to be “unscented” or “fragrance-free” doesn’t mean they really are.  Pick up a box of “unscented” baby wipes and you find fragrance listed in the ingredients.  Or you can select products that use essential oils – the true essence of the plants.  They will be more expensive but real things cost more.  And not only will essential oils awaken your nose but many herbs are so beneficial to your skin.  For my skin care line, I’m learning that the natural world provides us with what we desire and what is beautiful for our body.

A hui hou!



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