The ladies who lunch

November 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

As I mentioned last week, I am very attached to my chickens. My girls keep me company when I’m working on the farm – helping to till and fertilize the soil – eating the centipede that surprised me under the lava rock I just moved – and making me smile when they run as fast as their little legs can carry them when called. Someone asked me at the Green Market yesterday what I fed my “girls.” Well, they mostly eat what they find which is plenty on a 10 acre farm. They are not caged and roam the land for bugs, seeds, dropped fruit, and grass and weeds. I supplement with macnut pieces that might have gone to the compost pile, bananas with too many spots for even banana bread; they love bananas. And I also give them kelp granules in cooked quinoa. They need protein – especially when they are molting. So much energy goes into their new feather production that they usually stop laying eggs, which is happening now. How I covet a three egg veggie omelet at the moment. We feed our dogs fresh, raw, grass-fed beef and the chickens love it too. Remember, chickens’ ancestors were the dinosaurs and so they definitely have a carnivore side to them. No chicken for the chickens . . . doesn’t seem right. But they love raw or cooked eggs. Scrambled eggs cut into little pieces is perfect food for new chicks. No GMO corn laying mash on this farm. I don’t want it in the eggs I eat – the farm’s soil – or my girl’s bodies. No matter where you stand on the chemical question – manipulated food is not the answer. I do make a mean “chicken candy.” They will come far and wide when they hear, “Chickie, Chickie” because they know that an organic mixture of winter wheat berry, quinoa, oatmeal, 9 grain cereal, sesame seeds, flax seeds, kelp granules, sea salt, and nutritional yeast wait for them. I fed this mixture to them as a mainstay of their diet, but it can be expensive. So now we feed them small amounts just because they love it and we can move them anywhere we want on the farm if they know we have “candy” with us. Lots of fresh water and you’ll have happy, healthy chickens. If you can keep chickens at your home, I highly recommend having at least two. They make wonderful pets – create fertilizer for your garden – and the eggs from non-GMO corn-fed chickens are fantastic! I can always tell if hens are getting laying mash by the color of their egg’s yolk – deep orange and not pale yellow is the sign that the chicken has an excellent diet. Realize, what they eat becomes what you eat. Not that Miss Tweety is going ever to be on a plate but her eggs are each week!

A hui hou!



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