Life with Chickens

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I did not realize that chickens have personalities. Each one in our small flock of 11 has a mind of her own – albeit a small mind of her own. Zigger lived to tell the tale of having a mongoose bite her leg. Ever since then, she has “flown the coop” in order to sleep in a nearby tree each night – a lesson in adaptability. Donghia survived being in a Pitbull’s mouth after Grandmama walloped the dog with several shoes. We nursed her back to health despite the large hole under her wing – a lesson in resilience. Sweet Chicken Girl is a wild chicken who found our farm and as the newcomer, she is tolerated by the flock and spends her days enjoying the sun and bugs – a lesson that while change can be difficult it can also bring you home. Resilience and survival – enjoying the good life and understanding the challenges – are common themes with our chickens and with our life in Hawaii. Farming is hard work. Yet the fruits of our labor are evident every day. I love to pull the fresh eggs from the nesting boxes outside our kitchen window. (We keep them close – note mongoose at the beginning of this entry.) Because I know that each egg represents the possibilities of the new day – good food for my family – and a happy chicken who teaches us to take each day as it comes.

A hui hou!

Karenthe chicken with attitude


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