It’s easy being green!

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Being “green” has never been easier.  When once it was rare to find a national magazine article or a book beyond the favorite few on the topic, now the shelves are lined with materials on sustainability and the benefits of eating local foods.  Remember trying to find a cleaner for your home or clothes that was “good for the earth?”  It required a mail order to California at best and was often cost prohibitive.  Now, we have products even in the largest of super stores and books filled with recipes to make our own cleaners.  We have fabulous natural food stores that stock their shelves with local products because the community is willing to support its neighbors.  It just makes sense that farmers’ markets, too, would take the next step beyond offering local fruits and veggies.  To be a Green Market is to continue to provide farm-fresh food that is either certified organic or grown with natural practices.  But it is also about sharing with others the skills and tools to do the same in their own gardens and homes.  Education on sustainable living practices means a Green Market can help to make a big difference in our community even in small ways.   Being “green” is about thinking about the impact of disposable items such as cups and forks and looking for compostable alternatives.  It’s as simple as asking customers to bring their own bags each week and discussing how a grassroots’ effort might convince local businesses to carry a compostable bag even without a legislative requirement.  And being “green” means that together, we look for ways to build our local economy and decrease our dependence on high footprint imports.  It’s easy to be green today . . . just start the conversation and make one small change for you and your family.

If you’re on the Big Island of Hawai’i, join us at the South Kona Green Market every Sunday from 9-2 in Captain Cook – just above Choice Mart and Ace Hardware.  Visit us online at

A hui hou!

Karen"From the land and by our hand"


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