The truck climbing goats of Luana Farm

October 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

We have four goats:  Chevre and Brie came to us a year and a half ago.  The one thing the good book, “Barnyard in Your Backyard,” stated quite clearly was to be sure all fencing was in place before acquiring livestock – especially goats.  I’m not sure exactly how it happened but that day in April we were standing there with two goats – who were quickly staking out the white pineapple patch – and not a stitch of fence.  Indeed, that project is still in process.  More later.  In October of last year, Chevre made several new sounds – my son, Oliver, went to check it out – and reported that “Chevre was licking a small poodle under the house.”  My daughter, Mia, went to see why her little brother couldn’t get this right and yelled back, “Get the book . . . Chevre is having another baby!”  So we doubled our herd to 4.  P.J (for pepper jack) is now an “it” and works well as a weed whip and Feta is a beautiful doe who is by far the favorite around here.  I’ll share lots of goat stories.  Plenty to tell . . . and the pictures – well, they are worth a thousand words.

A hui hou,



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